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SEO Dubai | Top SEO Company | Brand That Name 

Welcome to Brand That Name SEO Dubai, we are an SEO Dubai Agency and web development company with a wealth of experience in local search engine optimisation.  We believe in simple internet marketing for local businesses in Dubai and throughout the UAE, so we split our company into two parts:

Local SEO services and Website Development

UAE SEO Company

Website Development

You have a local business and need a beautiful functional website. We are extremely passionate about creating stunning websites that stand out amongst the millions of other websites on the internet. Let us help you start yours today!

Website Development

Local SEO Services

You have your beautiful website up and running already. Unfortunately it is buried on page 2 – 10 of google, or worse still, it is know where to be found at all in the rankings. We want you to rank on the first page of Google so you have more visibility and can get more clients, leads and subsequently more business. Talk to some of our current clients that were in your shoes just a few months ago before we ranked them. We have the proof to backup our claims. As a customer looking for a SEO Dubai Expert, call us. We look forward to hearing from you! 

SEO with computer mouse attached

Here at Brand That Name Dubai, we run a different kind of SEO company. We are a small local SEO Agency that get our clients big results.

Years ago we decided to not just be another generic Digital Marketing Company like all the others in Dubai. We are not more interested in turnover than our clients. We are not on a ego trip, needing to employ as many staff as possible to be able to say that we are the biggest agency in Dubai. Yet we often surpass the results of the larger companies in the region.

Brand That Name Dubai is definitely not another generic Middle East SEO agency that has decided to branch out with an office in Dubai. We are instead, a genuine Dubai Company, born and bred in the city. This gives us a better understanding of local business needs and you will never find us looking for clients outside of Dubai.

We realise that you as a local business owner, are only interested in growing your own business and your own bottom line. This is why we concentrate on these three areas:

We rank your website, this automatically generates you search traffic.

 We help you to convert those new visitors by getting them to take an action on your website. For example filling out your contact form.

The more actions we help you achieve, the more sales you will get.






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Brand That Name SEO Dubai a wholly owned subsidiary of Brand That Name Limited Protection Status